This is my personal blog, which means it’s all about the things that interest me – books, Halloween, science fiction, WordPress, freelancing, and more.  Take a look around – maybe you’ll find something that interests you, too.

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Things I blog about:

BooksMy 2016 in BooksJanuary 29, 2017Soft Sounds of Pleasure by Eden ConnorJanuary 29, 2017His to Protect by Stacey LynnJune 28, 2016The Sorcery Code by Dima ZalesFebruary 12, 2016My 2015 in BooksJanuary 3, 2016LifeZombpocalypse UpdatesApril 1, 201372 Ideas to Simplify Your LifeJune 19, 2009Perfect is the Enemy of GoodJune 7, 2009Sci-Fi Made RealBooks that Forecast the FutureMay 2, 2014Real-life MutantsAugust 7, 2013Star Trek PredictionsJuly 16, 2013Science Fiction Becomes RealityJune 15, 201215 Things You Didn’t Know About The BrainJune 2, 2010

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