Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister

Guest Review by: aprilp999

Light My Fire

Light My Fire

by Katie MacAlister

Pros: As with the two novels before it, this one is action packed with romance, humor and adventure.
Cons: You have to read ‘Fire me up’ and ‘You Slay Me’ first to be able to understand the characters.

I love this series! In Light My Fire you basically have more of the same that was found in the first two books. This could possibly be one of my favorite paranormal comedy series, the only exception being the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series.

When Aisling is summoned to a meeting of the Green Dragon’s by her on again off again mate Drake, you just can’t imagine the twists and turns that this story takes. At the beginning of the novel Aisling isn’t even speaking to Drake, by the end she won’t even be mated to him. I won’t say any more because the storyline is great, but if you’ve read the first two novels, you just have to keep going and check out this one.

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