Lure of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles

Lure of the Wolf

Lure of the Wolf

by Jennifer St. Giles

Pros: Creative premise
Cons: A bit of purple prose

I seem to be on a werewolf kick here, if all unintentionally! Unfortunately for Ms. St. Giles, I read her book after finishing a much better one, which only pointed up the flaws in this one.

Mostly, this is an acceptable book. The story flows well, characters are sufficiently differentiated and the premise is pretty creative. The werewolves here are actually “Shadowmen” – warriors from another dimension that eternally battle to keep evil from entering the mortal realm.

Unfortunately, the original premise was somewhat overshadowed for me by the author’s tendency to purple prose. Despite the heroine being a driven, contemporary woman, a physician and a self-described workaholic, she says things like:

“There’s no way to convince me the hero’s heart that has done nothing but protect and defend mortals you didn’t even know two days ago, at extreme cost to yourself, hasn’t always beaten within you.”

Just a bit over the top for this reviewer’s taste, and unlikely phrasing for a modern woman of today’s world. You expect this type of thing from the hero, as he is a centuries old warrior steeped in a traditional culture, something the author could have easily highlighted by contrast with the modern speech of the heroine. Instead, everyone got caught up in the melodrama.

Don’t get me wrong – this is a decent book, just not stellar. Fans of Christine Feehan may enjoy this author, as the tone is somewhat similar. Personally, I will hope for a bit more diversity and complexity in characterization if I pick up another.

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