Parallel Desire by Deidre Knight

Parallel Desire

Parallel Desire

by Deidre Knight

I was lucky enough to be sent a preview copy of this fourth novel in Deidre Knight’s Midnight Warriors series, which is not due to be released until December. Of course, since I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, I *had* to run out and read them first.

As you’ll see by my reviews of those titles, this is a stellar series in more ways than one. The author has created an exciting and unusual storyline with strong science fiction roots – aliens and time travel right here on present day Earth. Parallel Desire continues the series admirably.

Parallel Desire is the first romance novel I’ve ever seen where the hero from a previous book got a second story – and a new heroine! Now, don’t shake your head! It’s not what you think. The author has found an incredibly creative way to handle this challenging concept.

In Parallel Seduction, we met Scott Dillon and Hope Harper. And, in that book, we also met Jake Tierny. Jake is another version of Scott Dillon from an alternate timeline, who comes back in time to try to stop some bad things from happening. Because the timeline has changed from the one he originally knew, he gets a second chance at life in Parallel Desire.

You see, Jake is Scott Dillon – and yet, he isn’t. He’s a Scott who has seen and done horrible things, watched his wife and unborn child be murdered and has no real hope of love in his life. As you might expect, this makes him a different person than the Scott in the previous book, who gets to keep his woman (as far as we know).

Scott and Jake can’t be in the same area, since they are basically the same person, so Jake strikes out on his own on a mission away from the base. Jake has a different body than Scott (you have to read the books to find out why), so he looks different, too. Personally I found him quite sexy – big, bad and tattooed!

Refarian Medic Shelby Tyler ends up going after Jake to bring him back to the base when Scott is assigned elsewhere. She had the hots for the original Scott all along, and finds that Jake is even better. But she’s got some baggage of her own that makes their relationship difficult.

As the two of them navigate their own romantic difficulties, the war continues on around them, providing lots of other challenges as well. It’s a difficult road, but the story keeps you pinned to the book to find out what’s going to happen next. Jake is so wounded, the reader can’t help but want to make him feel better, so of course we’re rooting for Shelby to get in there!

This story is not for the faint of heart – there are some hot, steamy scenes in there, as well as some sweet, emotional ones. This author really knows her stuff and doesn’t hesitate to manipulate the reader’s emotions.

Once again, Deidre Knight has produced a wonderful, sweeping tale of romance and adventure in an exciting and innovative science fiction setting. Don’t hesitate, if you haven’t read the first three books, start now – you’ll want to be ready when Parallel Desire hits the shelves in December!

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