Parallel Heat by Deidre Knight

Parallel Heat

Parallel Heatl

by Deidre Knight

Pros: Great romantic tension
Cons: You sure have to wait for it

Parallel Heat is the second in this series, and continues the story of Jared and Kelsey (our heroes from the first book) as a side story, while focusing on Thea and Marco’s attempt to find love.

Unlike many series novels, this novel was quite different from the first. Oh, the settings and premise remained perfectly consistent, but the characters are unique and their story is much different from the first novel, which this reviewer finds quite refreshing.

Thea and Marco have many obstacles to overcome on their journey – uncontrollable intuitive powers and possible betrayals hinted at in visions of alternate realities – all while keeping tabs on the Antousians who are doing their best to take over the Earth.

In fact, there is a bit more explanation in this novel regarding the Antousians, who and what they are, and what they are doing on Earth. It was enjoyable to get more information on the enemies as the series progresses and I will look forward to getting even more of the story in the next book.

One of the strongest elements of this book, and quixotically, also one of the most frustrating, is the sexual tension between the two main characters. For various reasons, Marco refuses to consummate his love for Thea, despite her willingness. But he is unable to restrain his desire for her completely. Consequently, there are many very hot and steamy scenes where they allmmoooostt……. but no. Something interferes yet again.

This builds some great tension between the characters, but almost makes the reader want to beat her head against the wall when they are interrupted (for whatever reason) yet again. Still, one must soldier on and our hero and heroine finally get together at the end of the book and indulge in some very athletic um, consummation.

Overall, another excellent entry in this series, which only whets my appetite for the next book. Fortunately, I already have it and will be starting it right away!

If you enjoy good science fiction elements along with a good solid romance story, be sure to pick up the Parallel series right away.

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