Skin Trade by Laurell K Hamilton

Skin Trade

Skin Trade

by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita is back!! I was beginning to think she was lost forever hahaha!

I have always been a huge Laurell K fan, up until the past few novels that is. I was so disappointed with them that I didn’t even know this one was out until I saw it in stores. I had slipped so far that I was even able to hold myself back from buying it and wait for it to become available in the library. I think my problem was that I liked the old mystery solving Anita, and not so much the books totally focused on the men in her life. This book was almost a return to that.  I loved Edward and the extremely creepy Otto character and I liked the wrapping up of the whole ‘mother of all darkness’ storyline, even if it was almost completely anti-climatic. I was beginning to wonder where she was going with it and even now I can’t believe after this thread of storyline was in so many books, she ended it that quickly.

However, overlooking the fact that the ending did fall a little flat, I still enjoyed it more than I have any of her books lately. I would love it if Hamilton could completely return Anita back to the days of raising the dead and solving mysteries, while still including all of the great steamy erotic scenes.

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