Kismet’s Kiss by Cate Rowan

Kismet's Kiss

Kismet’s Kiss

by Cate Rowan

Sometimes e-books are a disappointment. And sometimes they’re an awesome surprise. Such was the case with Kismet’s Kiss!

Set in a lush, fully realized fantasy world, Kismet’s Kiss is the story of a humble healer summoned to a rival realm in a desperate bid to foil a deadly curse. Despite her hesitation about traveling to enemy lands, her dedication to healing overcomes her misgivings and Varene steps through the magical portal into a foreign land filled with suspicion, plots and handsome, brooding sultans.

Incorporating magic, espionage, betrayal, love and family, Kismet’s Kiss is a keeper. I found the heroine likable and believable, the hero deliciously tall, dark and sensual and the whole world well thought out. I will definitely look forward to more titles from this author, and hopefully in this series. I’d love to see more in this setting.

Get yourself a copy of Kismet’s Kiss by Cate Rowan today, and settle in for a delicious romantic fantasy!

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2 Responses to Kismet’s Kiss by Cate Rowan

  1. Cate Rowan December 31, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Thank you for the review, Digigirl! Woohoo, it’s fun to be an awesome surprise. :D

    There’s more to come in this series and this setting, I promise. Also, there’s a gorgeous new cover for Kismet’s Kiss that christened its trade paperback version at Amazon.

    Thanks again for spending some of your precious reading time in my world. :)

    • Digigirl January 1, 2011 at 10:37 am #

      Thanks for stopping by, Cate! Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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