Leader of the Pack by Karen MacInerney

Guest Review by: aprilp999

Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

by Karen MacInerney

Tales of an Urban Werewolf is without a doubt one of my favorite fairly unknown series. Leader of the Pack carries on that standard flawlessly.

The books (including book one: Howling at the Moon and book two: On the Prowl) follow werewolf Sophie Garou as she attempts to make her way between were-society and the human world. MacInerney’s characters are so enjoyable and the storyline well written with lots of romance, action and mystery  that this series makes the perfect read for any paranormal fiction fan hoping to find a new author.

In ‘Leader of the Pack,’  Sophie is hot and heavy with her sinful boyfriend Mark while still lusting after the fabulous golden werewolf Tom, when out of nowhere her long lost father arrives seeking a relationship with her.  The local Houston pack is threatened, murders are involved and her father Luc is under suspicion. All the while, Mark is becoming as questionable as ever.

We already know from the last book that he isn’t human but what is he really? Is he dangerous and why does he feel like he ‘owns’ Sophie? For anyone following the series, this is the book you cannot miss. Without giving anything away all I can say is… trust me ‘Leader of the Pack‘ is worth reading. For anyone who is not familiar with this series start with book one.

The only negatives that I can see are that for fans of the more sci-fi Lilith Saintcrow crowd this series may be a little tame. However, at least for me this book was an all day read. Anyone who likes Carrie Vaughn or any of the more mainstream paranormal romances will be pleasantly surprised by this author.

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  1. Karen MacInerney May 27, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Gosh… thanks so much. This review totally made my day!!!

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