Cast in Stone by Kerry A. Jones

Cast in Stone

Cast in Stone

by Kerry A. Jones

Pros: Immerses you in romantic atmosphere
Cons: Can feel remote

In a genre filled to capacity with vampire stories and authors pumping out kick-ass action romances, Cast in Stone sets itself apart, enveloping the reader right from the beginning in a sensual atmosphere filled with romance and magic.

Cast in Stone has a very unique and creative premise, quite different from the many urban fantasies currently flooding the market. The hero, a medieval warrior, has suffered under a curse for centuries. Each night he turns to stone, enduring untold agonies as he does so. Each day he searches for the rest of his band of warriors – his Quinguard – who have also been cursed.

Although the side benefit of this curse is immortality – if he dies while in human form, he nonetheless awakens the next morning in his usual place – he cannot enjoy it. He is alone, and tortured by the knowledge that his men suffer the same fate, scattered around the world.

At last he finds the heroine, a healer who can break his curse, if she agrees to perform the ritual of mingling with him. But first he must convince her that he has done no harm, that he does not deserve this punishment, for her family has always told her to watch for someone like him – she has been expecting him and believes him to be evil.

It is a breath of fresh air to find a book so replete with everything one could ask for in a paranormal romance – evil curses, ageless villains and compelling heroes – without falling back on the cliches that so many others rely upon.

The disadvantage, however, is that the surreal feeling evoked by the writing style does leave one feeling a bit remote from real life, which may prevent some readers from fully engaging in the story. A willingness to immerse oneself in the atmosphere and allow a disconnect from reality is in order to truly enjoy this book.

Overall, this is an excellent and unusual paranormal story with well-developed characters, plot and settings. The author also does an excellent job of creating quite sensual scenes without the use of overly explicit language, which fits perfectly with the surreal feeling.

Set aside some quiet time alone for this one – a perfect book to enjoy in a hot bath, or snuggled up on a chilly night.

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Pros: This book filled with great romantic scenes & strong, likeable characters.

Cons: Some points were made repeatedly and others were not illuminated with enough detail.

Like eating grocery store chocolate; Cast in Stone is a smooth and easy read. It was written by Kerry A. Jones of Black Lyon Publishing. In a book filled with great romantic scenes and strong, likeable characters, she paints vivid pictures that evoke all of your senses; you could almost smell the coffee sold by the heroine Sophia at her modern-day Boston coffee house.

The main premise is quite innovative. Since medieval times the hero Julen has been cursed with a punishment that also makes him immortal. In a painful transformation he turns to stone each night and back to flesh each morning. His long-term place of residence is not under his control. While in Boston he happens on the one woman, beautiful Sophia, who can reverse the curse. Unfortunately she has been warned against him since birth.

Julen’s long term goal of rescuing those cursed along with him, the Quinguard – the fighting unit he captained, is put on hold while he tries to convince Sophia he isn’t evil and that she should help him. Sophia’s healing skills, ability to read other’s intent, and strong intuition make her a vital asset to achieving his goals. Together they face unexpected dangers as she gets to know him and agonizes over the decision to help him or to follow her family lore and destroy him.

The down side of this book was that some points were made repeatedly and others were not illuminated with enough detail. For example; I would have liked more info on the heroine’s family; to know if she was close to her Grandmother; and why she chose Boston. Although the dialog was not scintillating, it flowed acceptably. All in all it is a pleasant read. I would definitely consider reading other books by this author. I expect that her writing will get better with each book she writes.

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