The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

Darkest Whisper

The Darkest Whisper

by Gena Showalter

This is apparently the 4th book, but the first I have read, in the Lords of the Underworld series. As is the current trend with paranormal romances, the “world” created for this storyline is complex, with immortals and non-humans at every turn, and a much bigger, over-arching storyline as a backdrop to the romance involving arch-enemies and evil organizations. I actually wish the paranormal authors would keep it a touch simpler, as it seems as though many times the romance and the individual character development is being lost amidst the vampires, gargoyles and evil overlords (oh my!).

Having said that, this one is a pretty good example of the current paranormal type. The hero, Sabin, is an immortal warrior who has been cursed to play host to the demon of Doubt. This is a bittersweet curse, as it both helps and hinders him. Hosting a demon allows him to be far more powerful than a human warrior, immortal, with regeneration and extra strength. Additionally, Doubt helps weaken his opponents by fostering insecurities and whispering doubts into his enemy’s minds.

At the same, Sabin must also listen to Doubt’s insidious suggestions. And even worse, any female he hooks up with gets bombarded as well, which has resulted in many tragic romances for Sabin.

The heroine is a cross between a hitherto unseen (for me) type in paranormal romances – a Harpy – and what is believed to be an angel. Unlike the other Harpies, she is timid and non-aggressive. Definitely not someone who can stand up to Doubt’s abuse.

Of course, the author finds a way to make it work, after much trevail and lots of action. This book is not in my top 5, but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless, with an original premise and a decent romance. And I’ve read other good ones by this author, so I will definitely continue to pick up her titles.

Overall, an original premise, a solid storyline and decent characters make for another good read by Gena Showalter. Give it a try!

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