Demon’s Kiss by Eve Silver

November 7, 2007

Demon's Kiss

Demon’s Kiss


by Eve Silver

Pros: Perfect pacing
Cons: hmm…

Demon’s Kiss is the first in a new series – the Compact of Sorcerers, by Eve Silver. It tells the tale of the High Sorcerer – Ciarran D’Arbois, who has been protecting the world from encroaching evil for centuries. Sorcerers are not just humans with some magic power, they are actually another race, even though they are quite compatible with humans. Centuries ago, they swore a pact to patrol the barrier between this world and the next, to keep demons from sneaking in.

Our heroine, Clea Masters, was born to human parents, but inexplicably, she’s a sorcerer. Since she is untrained and has no knowledge of this power, she unwittingly siphons power away from Ciarran, which makes it much harder for him to not only do his job, but also to control his darker side. You see, years ago, an accident caused his hand to be damaged by a demon and he was infected in the process. Now he has to be ever diligent to suppress the demon’s influence over him, or bad, bad things could happen.

So, you can see that our heroes have a fair number of challenges to work through. I was happy to see that Clea is a strong, self-sufficient woman. Perhaps she accepts the whole supernatural thing a little easily, but then, what choice does one have when attacked by a demon and then saved by a sorcerer? Seeing is believing, after all.

Ciarran is wonderfully masculine and sexy – a perfect example of a strong alpha hero without having to be a were-animal or vampire. Every woman dreams of a handsome, sexy man who is so hot for her that he can barely control himself. Ciarran is such a man and Clea is no dummy. She recognizes him for the hot stud he is.

But please don’t get the impression that this book is all about sex. It isn’t. Although the author builds the sexual tension very well throughout the book, there is a good, solid storyline to follow as well. There’s plenty of action, too, not to mention several very interesting side characters that I expect we will see in future books.

Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable read – smooth, sexy and fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing who the next hero will be. Get your copy of Demon’s Kiss now, so you can be ready when it comes out!

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