Devil to Pay by Renee Bernard

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In a market filled with growling dominant heroes, Renee Bernard brings a refreshing and different twist to paranormal romance with the lighthearted debut of her new series, the Eternity Gambit.

Turns out, Hell isn’t so extreme after all.  It’s really just like the corporate hel-, er, um, offices that we’ve all worked in.  With a few supernatural quirks, of course.

Jayne Hamilton is an ambitious PR and marketing “account monkey” trying to get out of a cubicle and into an office.  In her quest to land a whale to impress her boss , she happens upon H.E. LLc.  Little does she realize that it’s more than just a really unfortunate corporate name.

It seems that rather than a pit of burning lava, Hell is just an intimidating black skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, at least at the moment.  Apparently, it moves around occasionally (I worked in a building just like that in Southern California years ago.  I wonder…), complete with cubicles full of demons in suits (even if they look just like regular people).

And the CEO?  Instead of red skin, horns and a tail, Lucifer is tall, golden and gorgeous in an Armani suit, and just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Devil to Pay is a fun, cheerful romance with lots of witty dialogue, and charming, G-rated relationship building.  If you’re looking for steamy love scenes with a tortured alpha hero, look elsewhere.  In fact, I’d almost go so far as to say Lucifer is a beta rather than alpha, except for one scene where he finally gets to flex his muscles.  Otherwise, he lets Jayne take the lead, setting the pace and boundaries of their relationship, happy just to be with her at all.

Overall, this is a sweet story, and an easy read with an upbeat, feel-good tone.  A perfect book to raise your spirits when life is wearing you down.

Check out the fun book trailer for a taste and then go get your copy of Devil to Pay.


Disclosure:  I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This is that review.


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