Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton

Her Dark Angel

Her Dark Angel

by Felicity Heaton.

This title is the first in a new series called Her Angel, by Felicity Heaton, which is a new author for me. I’m always happy to discover new paranormal authors, so I was pleased to receive this review request.

Her Dark Angel is a quick and enjoyable romance featuring a satisfyingly hunky dark hero. Well, dark in style perhaps, but really a major softy, despite being an Angel of Destruction.

Apollyon has been waiting for a new mission for literally centuries. Apparently, in this universe, angels are kind of like demons or spirits, in that they are bound to obey a magical summons. Apollyon hasn’t received a summons in a really long time, but he is determined to remain vigilant, unlike some of the other angels who have become derelict in their duty – doing dastardly things like falling in love with humans (gasp!). Shameful, really.

Then, at last, Apollyon receives the long-awaited summons and joyfully travels to the earthly plane. Although greatly enjoying the wind beneath his wings, he is confused by who has summoned him. His “Master” is nowhere to be found – has a new Master summoned him?

Turns out, the wrath of a woman scorned really IS a big deal, as the heroine Serenity proves when she unwittingly summons an angel of destruction to help her wreak revenge upon her cheating ex-boyfriend. However, she quickly realizes that the angel she has summoned is way hotter than the jerk she wanted to punish, and her plans accordingly change focus.

After a superficial play at making the ex jealous by parading around with her studly new man, the heroine gets smart and gets busy with the hunk-o-destruction her vengeful wishes have brought her. Only problem is – now that the contract has been completed (remember the pesky revenge thing?), Apollyon is supposed to head off back to the pits of hell!

Despite a hefty portion of juicy sex scenes, I wouldn’t really classify this title as “erotica.” It just didn’t seem quite that explicit or edgy to me. The point of view in this book is almost entirely from within the character’s heads – lots of exposition about what they are feeling, their fears and hesitations, hopes and wishes – punctuated by well described sex scenes. Not a lot of dialog or even action – just a lot of the characters kinda hanging out with each other and thinking about how they feel, how they should feel and how the other person feels. It’s a somewhat unusual tack to take, especially considering the current trend for paranormals, which usually includes much more action, and is heavy with witty repartee. The danger in this style is that it can quickly get boring. Ms. Heaton manages to mostly keep that from happening, as it is a pretty quick read, and the characters move quickly through their issues so they can get together.

As the first in a series, it’s a little weak at world-building, but there’s potential for improvement. The concept of angels is unique, and offers plenty of possibilities for a deeper exploration of how and why it all works the way it does. I’d love to see the author explain some of the things that are mentioned in this book, but never addressed. For instance – why do angels live in Hell? Do they all live there, or just some? That’s a departure from the norm, yet there’s no explanation. How does the whole Master / Contract thing work? How many different kinds of angels are there?

Despite minimal action (and not a single demonstration of Apollyon’s supposed powers of major destruction, darn it!), Her Dark Angel is a relaxing and enjoyable read with a hint of paranormal flavor, a hunky hero, a pleasant heroine and a good amount of sensuality. So if you’re looking for a light romance without any of the heavy conflicts and issues many paranormals include, give Her Dark Angel a try. It’s just a quick download away. And watch for more titles in this series, coming soon.

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Tahlia Newland

Interesting to have the angels in hell. The cover is fabulous.


    I think it’s a good cover, too. Very enticing! 🙂

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