Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister

A guest review by aprilp999

Holy SmokesHoly Smokes

by Katie MacAlister


Pros: This novel continues the fabulously funny life of Aisling
Cons: You have to read the first three novels to fully appreciate this one

In this novel, Aisling is just trying to have a wedding… a simple wedding, where all her human family will meet Drake. However, as with everything else in Aisling’s life, by the third attempt the wedding begins to fall apart. Gabriel and Fiat are still up to what appears to be no good. The Red Dragons are even closer to having her killed, and Bael has his own agenda.Not to mention the emergence of the Black Dragons. This book wraps up nicely the storyline that began and continued in the three previous novels. I hope this isnt the end of the Aisling series.

If you’ve read the first three books, Fire me up, You Slay Me and Light My Fire then you’ll love this one as well. If you haven’t read any of them and you like to laugh trust me this series has the perfect mix of romance, urban fantasy and humor.

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Pros: Great fantasy world, and wonderful series overall.

Cons: This Aisling Grey book (4) was rushed.

QUALIFIER!! I am a proud Katie MacAlister fan. I am here to represent! Her “A Girl’s Guide to Vampires” was my gateway book that got me addicted to paranormals, and urban fantasy. I have faithfully followed her Aisling Grey series, and buy then hot off the shelves.

That said, this was not my favorite Aisling book. I would only recommend this book if you follow the series, it is not a stand alone.

Aisling is trying to get married. If everyone would stop intruding, and take care of their own problems, that would be simple. One crisis after another interrupt the weddings, yes that is weddings.

First, the positives. What is so fun about Ms. MacAlister’s writing, is that all her paranormals while following different characters, and plots all take place in the same vivid, rich, creative, unique world. All the books exist in the same world, and follow the same rules, and dynamics. Katie MacAlister is also witty, sarcastic, and laugh out loud funny. So, you can count on that in any Katie Mac book you read. “Holy Smokes” maintains that tone.

She also writes descriptive sex scenes, so if that is your thing, well consider this book like an all you can eat buffet at the MGM Grand, mimosas and all. I am usually left wishing that someone wanted me that passionately, and that often, and that I wanted them that badly, too. They don’t call it fantasy for nothing.

Now, the bad. Ms. MacAlister is a very prolific writer, and publishes many books a year. And, this one I felt like should have been three books. Too many plot lines, and quick resolutions. I wanted follow up on all the issues, and although I realize that the tone of Aisling’s life is chaotic, I felt like I was being rushed.

Overall, if you follow the series, this book is integral, and explains as much as it leaves open. I won’t be abandoning this series, but I do feel like this episode in Aisling’s life was unfulfilling.

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