Immortals: The Awakening by Joy Nash

Immortals:  The Awakening

Immortals: The Awakening

by Joy Nash

Pros: Very well written
Cons: Hmm…

The first in this series, The Calling, was a lukewarm entry for me, but it introduced us to the premise and characters of what was clearly a larger story, so I was intrigued enough to get the second. I am glad I did!

This story is a much stronger entry than the first. The writing style is fluid and a pleasure to read – the author carries you along effortlessly. The characters are well developed and interesting, you quickly find yourself rooting for the main characters and disliking the antagonists, just as you should.

One of the extremely well executed aspects of this book is how the author integrated her love scenes into the story. Even in a very good book, a steamy sex scene will often sort of pause the story. Usually, we enjoy them enough to allow the intrusion into the main story without complaint. But this author managed to make her love scenes actually progress the story itself, not just provide some entertainment on the side (for us and the characters!).

I didn’t realize this until I had finished the book, then realized that the entire story flows seamlessly from beginning to end. No uncomfortable laggy parts, no pointless scenes and no side trips into the bedroom. Instead, entering the bedroom, the story followed along – characters continued to change and evolve even during, and sometimes because of, those scenes.

Brava! An excellent entry in this series that makes me much more interested in seeing where the next two will take me.

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