Immortals: The Darkening by Robin T. Popp


Immortals: The Darkening

by Robin T. Popp

Pros: Continues the overall storyline
Cons: Fails to keep the reader interested

The Immortals is quite interesting in that three different authors participated in this four book series. The first, The Calling by Jennifer Ashley, was very lukewarm (see my review of that title for details). However, seeing that other authors were involved, I went ahead and picked up another.

Next I read The Awakening by Joy Nash. That is actually book 3, but I mistakenly got it second. It was much better, in my opinion (see full review for details), and reinvigorated my interest in this series, so I moved to the second in the series, The Darkening by Robin T. Popp.

Unfortunately, this second book in the series takes me back to barely interested enough to finish the book. The story is so caught up in the events, that the author forgets to flesh out the love story. The characters start out somewhat interesting, but lose their momentum about halfway through the book. After watching the hero and heroine run back and forth to the Crypt so many times I lost track, I began to lose interest in whether they would manage to fall in love or not.

They do, of course, but we don’t really get to see the development of it. In the midst of the many details involved in figuring out the bad guy’s plans (which they completely miss, by the way), the love just apparently springs into existence all by itself. Amazing.

I will probably read the last book in this series, just so I can finish it up, but I’m frankly not really expecting much from it. Only one out of the three I’ve read so far has really captured my interest; not very good odds for the 4th.

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