Robot Scientists

Dr Theopolis with Twiki
Even gems like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century sometimes manage to guess the future.

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Fiction: Dr. Theopolis

One of the main characters in this 1979 TV show was Dr. Theopolis, a robot scientist in the form of a large disk containing a lighted “face.” Despite the indignity of having to be carried around by Twiki (a short robot who spoke with a stutter reminiscent of Porky Pig), Dr. Theopolis was considered one of the top minds of his time and was a member of the “Earth Computer Council.”

Fact: Adam

Adam the Robot Scientist

Copyright Aberystwyth University

While not as small, cute and portable as Dr. Theopolis, Adam is a functioning scientist at Aberystwyth University, where it independently selects and performs experiments in the field of genetics. Occupying 15 meters of lab space, Adam consists of a robotic arm, and a range of devices including an automated freezer, incubator and centrifuge.

Adam’s assistance is invaluable because it can handle much of the tedium and “drudgery” involved in performing many experiments.

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