Touched by Fire by Catherine Spangler

Touched by Fire

by Catherine Spangler

Pros: Original premise
Cons: Exhausting

Touched by Fire is book two of The Sentinels series, which I didn’t realize when I picked it up. Nonetheless, it is a solid stand-alone story. References are made to characters in the previous novel, but I had everything I needed to know about this world were present in this novel for me to keep up to date.

The Sentinels has an interesting and original premise – good Atlantean souls are reincarnated as humans and act as Sentinels to track down and dispatch the evil Atlantean souls also being reincarnated as humans and running around doing lots and lots of bad things. The only problem is that the only way a Sentinel can be born is if an existing Sentinel has children. Since their whole life is spent in dangerous situations as they battle evil, that can be a challenge.

On top of that, our heroine in this book, Marla, is already damaged. She and her sister were brutally attacked as young women, beaten half to death, and her sister raped. As you might expect, Marla has some issues about men and sex.

Turns out, though, that she’s a Conductor – a human born with psychic ability that enhances the Sentinel’s ability to track his bad guy. The whole process of which includes lots of sex. Oops. Poor Marla!

The author manages to handle this complicated situation fairly well and carefully brings her heroine along from scared to get anywhere near a man, to being able to fully participate in a loving relationship. There are moments when the love story is overshadowed by the intense and busy process of tracking down their evil quarry, but she manages to help them build a relationship in their spare time.

Overall, this book is quick moving and packed with action. The reader sees the main characters working out their issues, meets some characters from the previous novel and even gets to see the beginnings of the story for the next one. Lots going on here! But on the whole, a solid romance story with an interesting and original paranormal premise.

If you like romantic suspense / thrillers – this one will probably be right up your alley. Give it a try.

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